Short Courses

This is a special session designed for individual faculty members who wish to improve their online teaching skills. A faculty member emails his/ her online lecture to IME. We analyse the lecture from various aspects (e.g. quality of delivery, quality of video and audio etc.), document the feedback and set up an appointment with this member. This appointment is online during which we provide verbal feedback and discuss various issues identified in the lecture. The IME faculty member comes to an agreement with the concerned faculty about which aspects/ s/he will work on first. After an agreed upon time period, the faculty sends a 2nd and improved version of the lecture. IME provides a 2nd feedback on the same parameters.

Faculty members from the following have taken part in TEC:

  • i. Institute of Pharmacy
  • ii. Institute of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • iii. Sindh medical college

BOAT is designed to provide support to faculty members in making learning more effective in an online context. This is mainly an asynchronous, self-paced workshop consisting of a number of videos which the learners are required to watch. The videos are on PowerPoint presentation skills, Tools for Planning and Conduction Online Sessions, Collaborative Teaching Platforms and Online Assessment Tools. Once the participants watch these videos, there is an online discussion about them. This helps clarify issues and answer the learners’ queries and concerns. All participants have to pass a quiz in order to be eligible for the certificate.

  • a) Affiliated Colleges
  • b) Constitute Colleges
  • c) MHPE students
  • d) CHPE participants