Professional Development Centre was established in October 2008 in Sindh Medical College and in 2019 was merged as a unit of the Institute of Medical Education. The PDC is dedicated to develop clinical skills of undergraduate and postgraduate students of different health professions. It also organizes and conducts CME sessions for enhancing clinical skills of health professionals.

PDC is among the few highly equipped centres among the public sector medical universities in Sindh. It has low- and high-fidelity mannequins for skills useful for a variety of clinical disciplines. The Faculty at PDC is trained at providing skills training and is diligent in fulfilling its responsibilities. The faculty ensures that all learners get a safe, stress free and academically conducive environment for learning where they can practice and get constructive feedback. Students are encouraged to visit the PDC during their free time, after scheduling an appointment, in order to practice and ensure skills retention.

I am confident that PDC, under the patronage of the University's leadership and guidance from the Chair Institute of Medical Education, will progress further and will incorporate the latest technology to support student learning. This will enable the PDC meet the challenges of the globally changing educational environment and requirements.