Dr. Syeda Kauser Ali (Chair, IME)

Professor & Chairperson Program Director PhD – HPE (Health Professions Education)
Research Interest: Educational Measurement, Program Evaluation, Faculty Development
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Dr. Syed Moyn Aly (Director Academics, IME)

Program Director MHPE, Program Director CHPE, Focal person Center Center of Health Leadership at IME, Advisor to the President, World Federation for Medical Education, Consultant Medical Education Committee PM&DC
Research interests: Factors influencing learning in undergraduate and postgraduate students, e-learning, student-centered teaching methods, assessment and gamification
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Dr Tazeen Shah , (Director, IME)

Director IME
Director CHPE Research Interest Teaching
& Learning Faculty Development

Dr. Shafaque Fatima, (Assistant Professor)

PhD Education
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shiraz Shaikh

Associate Professor
APPNA Institute of Public Health, JSMU

Dr. Jaweria Sikander

Asstt. Prof. Dept.of Forensic
Medicine, JSMU