a.) Strategic planning

  • One of the most vital roles of IME is to assist the leadership of the university and support the institutes in developing strategic plan in order to improve the overall educational environment and performance.

b.) Improving Educational Planning and Practices

  • IME works closely with all constituent institutions in an advisory capacity. IME advises these on matters related to curriculum design and implementation, teaching methodology and assessment planning and practices.
  • IME plays a direct and major role in developing and implementing pre-exam, per-exam and post exam quality assurance policies and procedures. This includes, but is not restricted to, developing tables of specifications, conducting item reviews, conducting post exam analyses and finalizing results.
  • These support and advisory facilities are also offered to JSMU affiliated institutions upon request.

c.) Faculty development

  • IME plays a pivotal role in enhancing various education related skills of the faculty. It conducts faculty development sessions based on needs assessment and requests from department/s faculty members. Faculty development is not restricted to workshops; this also happens through group discussions, individual assistance, short and long-term courses in issues related to health professions education and journal clubs etc. These activities occur face-to-face as well as online.

d.) Policy development

  • IME assists the constituent institutes in developing policies and standard operating procedures where and when needed.

e.) Continuous Quality Improvement

  • IME works with QEC for capacity building at institutional level for conducting evaluation of teaching sessions, courses and faculty where and when needed.

f.) Development of Health Professions Educationists

  • IME offers certificate, diploma and master level courses in HPE (i.e. CHPE, DHPE and MHPE) for interested faculty members of JSMU and outside. This will help increase the pool of HPE experts who may take this up as their primary or secondary profession.

g.) Providing Evidence

  • HPE experts depend on research-based evidence for academic decision making. One of the primary roles of IME, hence, is to collaborate with various faculty members in order to conduct and publish research. This will help minimize the dearth of local evidence regarding various educational issues.