Brief History of Main Library Sindh medical College, Jinnah Sindh Medical University:

Sindh Medical College Library was established in 1973 in place where biochemistry lab is situated right now> However in year 1983 the approval and construction of a separate library block was complete in the tenure of Porf Syed Aley Hasan Zaidi and inaugurated in the subsequent tenure of Prof Akber H. Soomro.
At present in year 2020 the Main Library & Digital Library of Jinnah Sindh Medical University are situated at on Ground and 2nd floors respectively o now called PDC block, SMC.

After upgradation from Sindh medical college to Jinnah Sindh Medical University; various faculties like Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Business management and Health Sciences, Faculty of Public Health came into existence. These faculties and institutional house their own libraries.

The Main library and institutional libraries of Jinnah Sindh Medical University are designed to assist both undergraduate and post graduate students, faculty in finding desired information to improve update assess or emulate medical and Health care.

Our all Libraries evolving from print based repositories to excellent structure with physical collection and provide electronic database for easy access to our users

In order to steer day to routine and overall strategic issues of JSMU libraries, a Library committee is formed:
  • 1. Purpose of the Committee:
    • The main purpose of library committee which include the power to select the library personnel, to acquisition books and journals, responsible for fund raising etc. The committee members though working closely with the librarian but it has some collective powers to run a library smoothly.

  • 2. Membership of Committee:
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    • Chairperson
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    • Incharge Librarian

  • 3. Tenure of Committee Members:
    • For permanent committee:
    • Chair is nominated with the approval of Competent Authority indefinitely
      Members would be nominated indefinitely.
      In case of members leaving the committee for any reason, new member will be inducted by the chair with the approval of the competent authority

  • 4. Functions of the Committee (Responsibilities & Authorities) ( plz state in bulleted format):


    • a. Library building: This committee should ensure that a library building is properly decorated, structured, and functional, situated centrally and have necessary arrangement for efficient management.
    • b. Library furniture and fittings: Library committee also ensure that adequate, standard and comfortable without any dislocation or wastage of money or space.
    • c. Library staff: Library committee will recommend the needed number of staff, their salary scale, promotions and other regulations related to staff development. They will determine certain principles and formulas that will encourage the intellectual and capable person to enter into the profession.
    • d. Library finance and book collection: The library committee recommend enough funds for purchasing books and making the collection rich and suitable for the committee to be served.
    • e. Library rules: Efforts should be made by the library committee to frame a set of library rules that will be flexible to suit the needs of the readers.
    • f. Library accounts and audit: Proper machinery should be established by the library committee to check the library account.
    • g. Library acts and rules: A library committee should keep library acts and rules up-to-date. The rules and acts which depend on the nature of library must be kept in mind.
    • h. Standard library service: A library committee should put in its best efforts to secure full coverage and standard library service by opening new branches and by providing more books and staff numbers.
    • i. Library policies: It should lay down a policy for the guidance of the librarian for general day-to-day administration of the library.
    • j. Monitor and run day to day maters of libraries of various institutions and departments in JSMU
    • k. The reference books, curriculum books and titles, journals procurement in various departments of the university including JSMU main library are done in consultation and approval of Vice Chancellor.
    • l. Management of lending libraries of JSMU supervision.
    • m. The book donations and grants by donor agencies are managed by this committee.
    • n. The management of digital library and related digital portal supervision is also responsibility.
    • o. To arrange the book fair of newly admitted students of the university.

  • The committee will be authorised to:
    • i. Deal with the manpower issues of various libraries under JSMU banner.
    • ii. Revoke and terminate the book vendor / supplier who is not going according to the approved rules and regulation of University

  • 5. Reporting Mechanism:
    • The committee is directly reporting to Vice Chancellor, the vice chancellor being competent authority approved and disapproved the decisions of the committee,

  • 6. Deliverables:

  • 7. Key Performance Indicators:
    • Library Usage:
      • 1. Journal and Article downloaded per FTE user
      • 2. E book requests per FTE user
      • 3. Annual Visits per FTE student

  • User satisfaction:
    • 1. National student survey library satisfaction score
    • 2. Postgraduate taught experience survey library satisfaction score
    • 3. Postgraduate taught experience survey library satisfaction score

  • Financial:
    • 1. Total expenditure per FTE user
    • 2. Information expenditure per user
    • 3. Staffing as percentage of library expenditure.