Library Services

  • Reference Service (Medical Atlas and Dictionaries are available in library).
  • Reference materials are available to read and take for photocopy.
  • Air Conditioned reading halls.
  • Books borrowing service.
  • Reference service.
  • Reading inside library service.
  • Help in research with update and current materials.
  • Borrowing items policies.
  • Books, periodicals, CD’s and DVD’s can be borrow from library.
  • References materials, current periodicals are available only to read and photocopy from the library.
  • Clippings records.
  • Most of borrowing item can be issued during University time.
  • Approx 100 seats in ground floor reading hall seating capacity and 135 seats in second floor reading hall..
  • Newspapers (only for library premises).
  • Periodicals (only for library premises).
  • CD’s, Audio Cassette (only for library premises)..

Collection Description

JSMU Library has covered all medical and health sciences print material old and new in Basic Science, a good Islamic collections are also available in library.

Reference and textbook are in subject with Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Physiology and allied medical health sciences