Library User Guide

S.No Name of Library Location/Campus Timings
01 Main Library PDC Building Ground Floor, Campus I 09:00am to 07:00 pm
02 Digital Library PDC Building 1st Floor, Campus I 09:00am to 02:45 pm
03 Sindh Institute of Oral Health Sciences (SIOHS), Library SIOHS Building 1st Floor,Campus I 09:00am to 03:00 pm
04 Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS), Library. IPS Building, Campus II 09:00am to 03:00 pm
05 Institute of Health Business Management (IHBM), Library. IHBM Building, Campus II 09:00am to 03:00 pm
06 APPNA Institute of Public Health (AIPH), Library. AIPH Building, Campus II 09:00am to 03:00 pm

General Rules

  • Identify Library Card / Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the library
  • Registration should be done to become a library member prior to using library. (Form attached)
  • No discussion permitted inside the library.
  • No personal belongings (bags, bottles etc.) allowed inside the library.
  • Using mobile phones and audio video instruments is strictly prohibited in reading hall.
  • Food / drinks shall not be taken in library premises.
  • Silence to be maintained most important.
  • Library staff will inspect any item being taken out of the library.
  • Seat reservation not allowed in library reading halls.
  • Study Discussion is not allowed in reading hall.

Circulation Books of Issue System

  • Books will be issued only on presentation of their library card / Identity Card.
  • Books will be issued during college timings.
  • No one allowed to take any book at home.
  • Books should be returned before leaving time.
  • Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing and they will be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return.
  • Readers and borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to a book in their charge and will be required to pay the appropriate cost of such damaged books.
  • A full cost will be charged if book lost.
  • A fine will be charged if book in late return.