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It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to be a part of an Institution which has, in a matter of three years, become an essential component in the entire machinery of Jinnah Sindh Medical University. Advice and academic input is sought from IME not just by the constituent institutions but also affiliated ones. Probably the biggest strength of this institution is the philosophy of ‘all-inclusiveness’; IME believes in the wisdom and strength of forging alliances and partnerships at institutional and individual levels. People from within and outside Pakistan are brought on board for various academic matters and their expertise is utilized for the benefit of the educational system at JSMU and outside. The faculty of constituent and affiliated institutions love to be part of the IME activities and initiatives because of the flexible and academically rich environment that exists. Our members are always ready to listen and understand the scholastic issues faced by the administration, the faculty and the students and come up with solutions which are evidence-based, sustainable and acceptable.

Our CHPE and MHPE programs have gained reputation across the nation as being rigorous, demanding, eminent and beneficial. It is no wonder that our applicant list far outnumbers the participants that we can accept. Our face-to-face, virtual and blended faculty development sessions have received great appreciation and applause. The credit goes to our faculty, our technical and administrative staff and to the participants for their fervor. One thing our students and participants never complain of is the quality of knowledge and skill that they leave with. Our robust and neutral feedback mechanism provides us with prompt input about our strengths and areas of improvement and we act swiftly to appreciate the positives and to redress the slips.

No office of Health Professions Education is complete without research. IME is ardently involved in educational research and encourages the participation of colleagues in other departments and institutions. We believe that this not only generates the much needed local database but also adds to the scholastic prowess of the concerned faculty. This is one of the key factors which elevate the status of a university. IME is proud to have taken such initiatives.

None of our achievements would be possible without the support and encouragement of the top leadership of the University and of the IME. It is their vision to improve the future and dedication to do the best in the face of all odds that provides the impetus to the Institution of Medical Education to stand tall among other giants.

Pakistan Zindabad!