JSMU is planning to collaborate with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, the National Incubation Centre, Ministry of Science and Technology, and with the Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan (IPOP) to establish a JSMU Community Health Innovation Centre (CHMIC) aiming at an enabling environment to promote, research, social entrepreneurship, and creation of intellectual property (IP) and knowledge transfer.

The mission of CHMIC is to transform the community healthcare system of our nation through innovation and technology transfer by providing research and funding opportunities to the University's faculty, staff, and students.

CHMIC: The two-pronged approach

1. Collaboration between Health, Business, and Engineering & Technology Sectors

  • The ORIC at JSMU will launch a research collaboration initiative between JSMU, leading Business Management institutes, and Science & Technology universities. By setting up a local innovation incubation center, the ORIC will spearhead the efforts in combining formal education programs, faculty and students’ project development, support and facilitation of device development within a viable business model. The center will be a platform to promote entrepreneurship by providing support to both the beginner and experienced innovators. This shall be achieved through ideation, communication, collaborations, concept-generation, intellectual property, market analysis, prototyping and testing, business plan development, and commercialization.

2. Enhancing Capacity Development & Improving HealthCare

  • The CHMIC will enhance faculty and student professional capacity development by developing unique multi-disciplinary educational programs in medical device entrepreneurship, and to improve healthcare delivery through innovation and real-world applications. The center will foster an environment that supports students and faculty who besides pursuing inventions may also pursue cross-sectional research studies and explore ways to launch their invention into the marketplace by providing resources, connections, and expertise and contribute to the existing body of knowledge.