Alumni of any university play a vital role in revamping of the academic programs and reshaping your alma mater by contributing your valuable input in terms of feedback, consultancy, first-hand knowledge about the current challenges in your respective fields and the national and international exposure you have gained.

We, from Jinnah Sindh Medical University, are proud of our Alumnus for your recognition, your services and contribution rendered in your chosen fields. We would like to solicit your valuable services, guidance and facilitation for the JSMU and its current students and faculty in following areas.

  • Facilitate in academic activities.
  • Participate as guest speaker.
  • Assistance in Employability of graduates.
  • Establish linkages of institute with national and/or international bodies.
  • Support institutional research and development activities.
  • Participate in alumni gatherings/reunions.
  • Donate for specific purpose.

If you have not yet registered, please fill the registration form and share your contact details so that you may be contacted for future correspondence.