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Pharmacy is one of the most important disciplines in health care system and pharmacist plays vital role in rationale treatment plan and optimal therapeutic outcomes. Advancement in the field of pharmacy, science and technology has opened new avenues of learning. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS) believes in training students with practical excellence, conceptual background of theoretical knowledge, emphasis on quality and empowering students towards innovation and critical thinking.

IPS contribution in the sphere of pharmaceutical education, research and development is exemplary. We have highly qualified, dedicated, committed and experienced faculty members to train students. The faculty members focus on providing integrated subject knowledge along with encouraging the students to reflect and find their own ways of learning and exploring while maintaining the atmosphere of integrity, respect and diversity. IPS vision is to provide modern educational standards as premier institute. To accomplish this task, Institute has highly sophisticated laboratories, well equipped class rooms, central digital lab facility, equipped learning resource centers and tertiary care hospital attachment to satisfy the practical and research needs of the students. IPS aims to prosper in the diverse area of pharmaceutical research including clinical, community, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Moreover during this journey students are also provided with a rich array of the Co-Curricular opportunities for personal and professional development. Through these activities students are encouraged to learn public speaking, communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills as well as discipline and work ethics. Our graduates are skilled to practice and demonstrate values, patience, empathy, social ethics, compatibility, respect, contentment, teamwork and most importantly lifelong learner.

I welcome you all to this leading institute and wish you all the very best for your future endeavor.