A Pharmacy graduate starts his job with a good initial salary as compared with those of other science graduates. A Pharmacist is an expert on drugs and has varied choice of opportunities and secure future with good remuneration.

The various fields open to a pharmacist are as follows:

  • General Practice Many pharmacy graduates start their own pharmacy where they dispense medicines with care for supply to the patients with professional skill and responsibility.
  • Hospital Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacist is responsible for providing all medicines needed by hospital patients both treated in the hospital and those attending out patient clinics.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Where the different choices are:
    1. Quality control and assurance of drugs.
    2. Formulation to production.
    3. Sales and marketing.
    4. Technical and medication information.
    5. General administration.
    6. Research and development.
    7. Drug administration.
  • RESEARCH Opportunities for post graduate research work are available in the Faculty Laboratories that provide basis for further educational development in the field of pharmacy and for higher degree i.e. M.Phil and Ph.D. Pharmacist with higher qualification are required to serve in academic institution and research and development activity in pharmaceutical industry.