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Welcome to the Institute of Nursing, Jinnah Sindh Medical University. In this institute, we strive to develop a secure and encouraging community for our students. You have amalgamated a self-motivated faculty in a lifelong quest for learning.

It was inaugurated in 2018, and started Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 Years) Degree Program initially. The institution is now looking forward to start the Masters of Science in Nursing (2 years) Education Track program in the upcoming years. Both the programs are recognized with Pakistan Nursing Council in the same year. The institution is committed to excellence in the field of nursing clinical practice, education, innovative research, and administration. It is also committed to providing the highest standards in nursing education programmes, in line with the University’s vision and values.

In addition to teaching, the faculties also engage in research, in order to meet the emerging needs of the nation. All the research based activities supports the institution strong agenda of capacity building, faculty development and women empowerment. The faculty always strives to provide an open educational environment to the students in order to promote critical thinking, for personal and professional development.

We expect to have more opportunities for national and international cooperation and collaboration, and hope for greater achievements in the future. We also hope for a greater participation from our faculty and alumni in all our future endeavours.