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  • Noureen Zehra


Assalam o Alekum! I am fully aware of the fact that in every small, medium, or large organization the role of Human Resources office is always the most critical. The HR office more often than less performs under the motto of, “hope for the best and prepared for the worst” HR office, in short is the Bridge between the employees and the leadership, connecting both sides. It is also a fact that the HR office is always in the firing line because of the bad news, such as firing, no promotions, no change to the compensation plans, etc. however, it is also a fact that they are the hope an organization prefers to keep among the employees. In my present and previous association with the organizations when provided with the authority, I always tried to function as what Sir Richard Branson (British entrepreneur& commercial astronaut) once said,

"Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

The Human Resources Department at Jinnah Sindh Medical University aims to accomplish the University mission and goals by developing and building qualified, professional and skilled working environment with the peak level of Human Resource facilities, which results employee’s satisfaction. Furthermore, Human Resource Department expedites other departments by making smooth relations between our employees and management entities to fulfill all Human Resource related requirements according to legislation. Our HR Team is devoted to providing rapid feedback, well-mannered and quality provider to our employees.

Our audit approach is designed to be risk-based and data-driven, focusing on the areas that matter most to the University's success. We use a combination of traditional audit techniques and innovative data analytics to identify risks and opportunities for improvement.

We invite you to visit the office of Human Resources and get to know our team.

We invite you to visit the office of Human Resources and get to know our team.