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  • Prof Dr. Mehmood Hussain
  • Inchage Student affairs.


Incharge of student affairs and its staff feel pleasure to welcome students on board from the platform of Jinnah Sindh Medical University. Department of Student Affairs is keen to guide and provide every sort of help that can find them an easy journey at the campus. The aim of the department is to develop a bridge between students and other departments of the campus for better facilitation. We also guide students on various academic matters along with providing financial assistance by means of scholarships / stipends/ interest free loan. We consider our alumni as our valuable asset and readily available for them to help in various ways.

We encourage good relation among department with students that will allow students to focus on the studies and our department will facilitate them on various administrative and academics issues.

As an Incharge of Student Affairs Department, I wish all the students for their memorable stay at JMSU.