• Be an innovative leader in developing health care professional with world class profile in research, education and patient care.


The college of Nursing supports the mission of the JSMU an academic health science center. In an environment that is accountable, respectful, adaptive and innovative, the Nursing College is committed to:

  • Providing evidence-based nursing education in an interprofessional environment.
  • Developing, testing, and disseminating nursing knowledge in the health sciences.
  • Demonstrating excellence in nursing practice that embraces equity and culturally effective care to patients, families, and communities.


  • To educate and prepare skillful nurses who should be able to provide competent and therapeutic care to patients.
  • To improve overall quality of bedside nurses in Pakistan.
  • To prepare nurses for both clinical and community health care needs.
  • To provide mentorship in nursing education and nursing research.
  • Utilize appropriate teaching learning strategies for prevention of illness and the promotion and restoration of health to individuals, families and groups.
  • Recognize responsibility for maintaining competence as a registered nurse through self-evaluation and continuing nursing education to become lifelong learner.
  • To enable nurses to participate in the attainment of departmental goals, based on important aspects of care such as nursing staff education and competency, nursing orientation, and preceptor development.
  • Nurse educators at the university level typically prepare lessons, plans, and materials for classes and programs. In addition to demonstrating skills and techniques, they must also develop criteria for assessment and grade homework and projects.