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  • Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Karachi.


This is the third conference on Ramadan and Health and since its inception it has gained a lot of attention due to quality of papers presented. This is a unique conference as in the Muslim world internationally very little importance is given to research in this area. As Muslims we all fast and such conferences help us in understanding the health benefits of Ramadan. This helps us understand the link between science in spiritual and physical wellbeing related to Ramadan. The conferences in the previous years were heavily attended by medical, dental, pharmacy and other health professions students of not only JSMU but other universities in Pakistan.

Over years the Ramadan and Health conferences have raised awareness about research in this important area of religious importance, which is a very encouraging development particularly in the universities of Pakistan. A university is known though the achievement of its students in the national and international world, research conducted by faculty and students and the publications of the faculty and students. The papers are not only presented by faculty but also students of JSMU and other universities of Pakistan. I would like to extend my appreciations towards the efforts of Prof. Nazeer Khan for regularly arranging these conferences as it will add to science and improve quality of research.