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Current demographic data indicates that the number of Muslims worldwide is close to 2.0 billion, about 26% of the world population. Sixty seven percent of these are above 15 years of age and are obliged by their faith to fast during the month of Ramadan. Therefore, a probability exists that more than 1.34 billion Muslims would have fasted this year in the month of Ramadan, as all adult Muslims are required to abstain from food, fluids, and sexual activity during the day in this month. Significant changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns could cause physiological changes in a fasting person. Many clinical and observational studies all over the world have reported such changes.

Relatively few international conferences have been organized to gather the scientists involved in such specialized studies. Jinnah Sindh medical University (JSMU) is proud to organize this important conference for the third time, titled ‘The 3 rd Pakistan International Biennial Conference on Ramadan and Health’ under the supervision of Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Tariq Rafi, as Patron-in-Chief.

This conference will gather and document the scientific evidence towards the impact of fasting on human health. It would also be a great opportunity for our physicians and researchers to share and learn from the experiences of international delegates participating in this event. Speakers from Malaysia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have already consented to participate. The weather of Karachi is expected to be pleasant in the month of August. We cordially invite all the interested delegates to come to Karachi, a city of friendly people and attend this important international conference.