Emergency Skills, like Life support Skills for adults and children and females (BLS, ACLS, PALS, EMoC) Disaster Management, Essential Burn Care and Critical Care ICU Skills. Basic Surgical Skills, include primary surgical skills for scrubbing, gowning, gloving and suturing. Advanced surgical skills include laparoscopic surgery cadaver Temporal bone dissection, Endoscope sinus surgery Advance orthopedic skills viz Total knee replacement, plating technique & internal fixation, head & Neck surgical oncology, cricothyrodotomy & tracheal dilatation, new technique of hypostasis surgery, surgical approaches to spine & instrumentation, surgical stapling & Anastomosis, laser Surgery and plastic surgery and many more as hands entraining. Basic obstetrics & Gynecology skills includes resuscitation in obstetric patients and other gynecological skills include fetal surveillance, (Real time ultrasound, pantograph, cardiograph) Pantograph & CTG Interpretation and 3rd & 4th degree prenatal tear Repair following vaginal Delivery. Several workshops are also conducted on maternal & child health care.

The Skills Curriculum is based on the current needs of our own health setting and includes proficiency in essential skills including monitoring of vital signs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation common procedural skills, infection control skills as well as the communication skills. It is also provided with especial software which helps and guides the students about the correct procedure. Workshops at undergraduate skill laboratory are being conducted regularly by facilitators. Curriculum of training to be imparted to MBBS students of Sindh Medical College has been made as follows:

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