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  • Prof. Dr. Sarwar Qureshi
  • Incharge of the Department
  • Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Karachi.


It is immense pleasure for me to be the first Head, department of Anatomy of this newly built Jinnah Sindh Medical University ( JSMU ). The most important department for the teaching of Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy) to undergraduate students. This department lays the foundation in the carrier of Medical Professional. Here we teach the students about structure and functions body on cadavers as well as on models. This department is having a dedicated team of highly skilled Anatomists, who are always sharing the knowledge for the benefits of students.

Regarding the facilities, this department is having Bone Bank where we have 25 complete body skeletons. Which are issued to students for learning. Plastic Model Museum; Equally important for teachers and students where teachers demonstrate the important structure on the models which plays a vital role in understanding the details of structures and functions. Specimen Museum; Hand made specimens are made from cadavers by a team of dedicated professionals of this department which help in understanding the subject.

There is a Dissection Hall equipped with the necessities for dissecting the donated dead bodies and they are reserved in a Cold Storage Plant of international standards. All the students are advised to use these facilities of the department in proper manner to strengthen their learning and understanding of the subject. God bless you all.