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  • Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi
  • Head of the Department


It gives me pleasure to write this message, and is my proud privilege to teach first batch of Sindh Medical University being the HOD

I congratulate all the students along with their families for the laurels they have achieved and wish them all the best in their chosen career

Medical education requires honesty, dedication and hard work. I hope the students of today will strive to accomplish success in up coming new fields rather than taking shortcuts for easy life I am confident that you will uphold the honor and dignity of your profession and wish all of you bright and successful future.


The importance of physiology teaching throughout preclinical and clinical years of medical education gives the students a vantage point from which he may gain a rational view of pathological processes. Indeed some of the most valuable contribution to medical science was the outcome of studies of renowned physiologists. Today the student of medicine is directing his attention more to the study of morbid physiology In view of the importance of physiology as a subject of medical curriculum, it is being taught through out all the years of MBBS and BDS/MDS students but also to the students of other allied health specialties like nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy The department of physiology at SMU has two well equipped labs where students can perform practical of muscle hematology, neurology, cardiopulmonary physiology, neuromuscular physiology. There are power labs available for training the students on computerized simulated models The teaching of is under taken in the form of lectures, tutorials, PBL and CBL sessions The assessment of students is carried out periodically by using different tools like BCQ, SEQ, and viva voce


Text book of Medical physiology by Guyton & Hall latest edition
Review of Medical Physiology by Ganong latest edition