I.T Usage Policy for Students

This I.T Usage Policy applies to all students of Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) who have access to computers and IT services through the Smart University Wi-Fi and Digital Labs. It is important that students comply with the policies concerning computer usage, email, HEC Digital Library, video lectures, Smart University Wi-Fi, and internet access. Violations of these policies may result in disciplinary action, and students may be held personally liable for any damages caused by policy violations. All batches and departments are required to acknowledge receipt of this policy and confirm their understanding and agreement to abide by the rules outlined below.

I.T Services for JSMU Students:

  • Smart University Wi-Fi facility for all JSMU students.
  • Access to the HEC digital library for searching books and journals free of cost.
  • Availability of video lectures in the Digital Library and Smart University Wi-Fi within the JSMU premises.
  • Students CMS portal access for attendance and online admission.

SECTION 1: Computer, Email, HEC Digital Library, Video Lectures, Smart University Wi-Fi, and Internet Usage

1.1 Responsible Internet Usage:
  • JSMU students are expected to use the internet responsibly and for productive purposes. Internet access is primarily intended for job-related activities, although limited personal use is permitted.

1.2 Data Ownership:

  • All internet data composed, transmitted, or received through JSMU's Digital Library systems is considered the property of JSMU and is recognized as official data.

1.3 Monitoring and Access:

  • The equipment, services, and technology used to access the internet are the property of JSMU. The university reserves the right to monitor internet traffic and access data that is composed, sent, or received through its online connections.

1.4 Monitoring and Blocking:

  • JSMU may monitor and/or block websites and downloads that are deemed harmful or unproductive to the university.

1.5 Approved Software:

  • The following software is permitted for general users:
  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • End Note
  • Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat
  • VLC Player
  • Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome) Permission from the I.T department is required to use any other software.

1.6 Prohibited Actions:

  • Students are not allowed to install any operating system or software themselves.
1.7 Hardware Responsibility:
  • Opening the hardware of I.T-related items is strictly prohibited. The I.T department will not be responsible for any loss of software or hardware resulting from such actions.
1.8 Financial Transactions:
  • Students are not allowed to make any financial transactions or payments online through the JSMU network.
  • The IT department will not be responsible for any loss of software or hardware resulting from unauthorized actions.

SECTION 2: Unacceptable Internet Usage by JSMU Students

2.1 Fraud and Piracy:
  • Using computers to perpetrate fraud or engage in software, film, or any form of piracy is strictly prohibited.
2.2 Unauthorized Password Usage:
  • Students must not steal, use, or disclose someone else's password without authorization.
2.3 Copyright Violation:
  • Downloading, copying, or pirating copyrighted software and electronic files without authorization is prohibited.
2.4 Confidential Material:
  • Sharing confidential material, trade secrets, or proprietary information outside the organization is strictly forbidden.
2.5 Hacking:
  • Unauthorized access to websites or engaging in hacking activities is prohibited.
2.6 Defamatory Content:
  • Sending or posting defamatory information about the JSMU, its products/services, colleagues, or customers is not allowed.
2.7 Malicious Software:
  • Introducing malicious software into the JSMU network or jeopardizing the security of electronic communication
2.8 Representing Personal Views:
  • Students must not pass off personal views as representing those of the JSMU.
2.9 Illegal Activities:
  • Using the JSMU network to attempt any illegal acts as per the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance (PECO) 2016 of Pakistan is strictly prohibited.
2.10 Illegal Activities:
  • Using the JSMU network to attempt any illegal acts as per the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance (PECO) 2016 of Pakistan is strictly prohibited.

SECTION 3: Additional Guidelines

3.1 Computer Protection:
  • We recommend all JSMU students to keep their issued computer IDs and passwords protected and not disclose them to anyone.
3.2 Data Loss Responsibility:
  • The IT department will not be responsible for any data loss. However, they will make their best effort to recover lost data.
3.3 Applicability of Terms and Conditions:
  • All terms and conditions stated in this document are applicable to all students using JSMU's network and internet connection.
3.4 Admin Rights:
  • Students will not be given administrative rights.
3.5 IP Address and Computer Name:
  • Students are not allowed to change the IP address or computer name for any purpose. Any computer found not listed/registered with the IT department will be reported to the competent authority for necessary action.

Any student violating these policies is subject to disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by JSMU.

User Compliance:I understand and will abide by this Internet Usage Policy. I further understand that any violation of this policy may result in the revocation of my access privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal measures.