The experienced faculty at IHBM enhances student skills, abilities, talents, and competencies so that they successfully live and work in the business world with growing diverse society. The department consists of highly qualified faculty members to provide excellent and inspirational teaching. The department consists of four major disciplines which are Doctor of Philosophy, Master in philosophy, Master in Business Administration, and Bachelor in Business Administration.

The Business Administration department highly focuses on taking on board greatly qualified faculty who polish our students to be a pro with the current market scenarios and trends. Greenwich University always prioritize on picking the faculty from the corporate world as adjunct faculty and those who are highly qualified with their years of teaching experience. The faculty should have a minimum master’s degree to work as a faculty at Institute of Health & Business Management, Jinnah Sindh Medical University.

Dr. Kalpina Kumari

Associate Professor & In Charge

  • Dr. Kalpina Kumari is currently leading the Institute of Health and Business Management at Jinnah Sindh Medical University as Incharge IHBM-JSMU. In this role, she oversees the entire business department, including BBA and MBA programs, and has brought about significant improvements to the department's structure and growth. Before this, Dr. Kumari served as the Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences at Greenwich University from June 2022 until her departure to take up her current position. Before her time as Dean, she served as the Head of the Department of Business Administration, Associate Professor, and Acting Dean of Management Sciences at Greenwich University, Karachi Campus, from January 2022 to May 2022, where she taught courses to both graduate and post-graduate students. She was also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Greenwich University from October 2021 to December 2021.
  • Dr. Kumari has also worked as an Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the Business Administration Department at Iqra University from January 2013 to September 2021. In total, she has nine years of teaching experience. Dr. Kumari's vast academic background has given her a well-rounded knowledge of Human Resource Management. Her areas of interest include Quantitative Methods in Research, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Employee Job Satisfaction, and Performance at the Workplace.
  • She has published 26 research articles, 16 of which are in HEC recognized and world-renowned journals such as Sustainability, Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, and others. Her research work has been cited more than 320 times in top-tier journals. Dr. Kumari began her educational career at Iqra University, where she completed her MBA in Human Resource Management in 2011. Her enthusiasm for research led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, which she completed in 2015, also from Iqra University.

Dr. Asif Uddin

Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Asif Uddin has been engaged as an Assistant Professor with the Institute of Health and Business Management, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, since 2016. He completed a Ph. D. in Business Administration from Karachi University Business School, University of Karachi, in 2015. He holds a high level of academic achievement and expertise in related subjects. He is conducting and publishing research in finance, management, and other related fields, with a strong academic publication record in top-tier journals. He has experience of more than 17 years in teaching accounting, finance, and other business courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, with a proven track record of effective teaching and mentorship in various renowned institutes.
  • He keeps updating himself with the finance industry, seeking practical insights and sharing them with his students. He has strong quantitative and analytical skills, with proficiency in teaching techniques. He is committed to ongoing professional development and staying up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. In addition to his teaching assignment, he is a member of IHBM Board of Studies and IHBM Board of Faculty. He also holds the position of Chairman JSMU Procurement Committee and member JSMU Scholarship Committee.

  • Ms. Tasneem Razzak is an experienced Lecturer and Program Coordinator at IHBM with thirteen years of experience in healthcare management and business management. She has been associated with IHBM for the past eight years, teaching core health care and business management courses. Before joining IHBM, she worked in the healthcare industry for more than five years.
  • Ms. Razzak is pursuing her Ph.D. in Management Sciences from the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (PAF-KIET). She holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from the Institute of Business Management (IoBM). She has contributed significantly to the field of management science by authoring or co-authoring six published research papers in HEC-recognized journals.

Ms. Eruj Rehan


  • Ms. Eruj Rehan is an accomplished and dynamic marketing lecturer with over 12 years of experience teaching at the graduate and post-graduate levels. She is well-versed in implementing modern and effective teaching strategies that promote classroom engagement and foster student achievement. Her innovative teaching approach has significantly improved test scores by adapting teaching methods to students' needs. Ms. Rehan is highly skilled in building personal relationships with students and helping them develop confidence in their abilities. Her passion for teaching has been recognized by students and colleagues alike, making her a highly respected member of the academic community.

  • Asif Z. Warsi, an accomplished scholar and investment professional, having 14 years of teaching in universities and 5 years of corporate expertise. He holds dual Master's degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Karachi, Pakistan, and an MBA in Finance from the Cardiff Metropolitan University Wales, UK. Asif is pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) and has received Dean's List recognition for exceptional coursework performance. His research interests center around sustainability, business performance, and the economy.
  • Asif has obtained prestigious certificates, seminars and conferences in economics, finance, and project management from renowned institutions and the HEC digital platform DLSEI. Apart from his teaching role, he has held various academic positions and currently serves as a Lecturer, Chairperson of Committees, Trainer, and member of the Program Team (PT), Board of Studies (BoS), and Board of Faculty (BoF) at the Institute of Health and Business Management (IHBM). As a master trainer of learning management system (LMS), i.e., Moodle LMS, Google Classroom, Education LMS, & Blackboard, Asif is adept at developing course materials, handbooks, and instructional design & resources. Asif's expertise in investment and finance is equally impressive. He worked as a Fund Analyst at Blackstone Moregate Ltd in London-UK, where he conducted extensive research on ETFs, investment trusts, unit trusts, and OEICs.
  • He also created and implemented a user-friendly Excel model for different risk levels. Asif has also held Trader Equities, Equity Analyst, Fund Analyst, & Technical Analyst positions at Invest Capital & Securities Pvt. Ltd., Swift Pvt. Ltd., and Blackstone Moregate (Independent Financial Advisory Firm-IFA), where he provided financial and investment advice, direction, and leadership. Asif's proficiency in investment and academic expertise makes him an invaluable addition to any organization he collaborates with.

Ms. Tahira Hamid


  • Ms. Tahira Hamid Ali is an accomplished marketing professional and dedicated lecturer with extensive experience in the industry and academia. She holds a Master's in Marketing and Merchandising from Iqra University and has taught marketing courses to students for many years. Ms. Ali has specialized knowledge in areas such as brand development, advertising, market research, and designing marketing strategies, as well as project management. Ms. Ali's teaching career started at AIFD, Iqra University. Since then, she has taught at various reputable institutions, including Indus University and Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), where she was a visiting faculty member.
  • She has taught students from different backgrounds, including media sciences and textiles design, and has a proven track record of helping her students succeed in their respective fields. In addition to her teaching experience, Ms. Ali has worked as a marketer at an event management company in a multinational organization. She gained hands-on experience in planning and executing successful marketing campaigns. She has also worked as a freelance designer and researcher for leading textile mills such as Gul Ahmed, Al-Zohaib, and Tawakkal Fabrics, giving her a deep understanding of the textile industry.
  • Ms. Ali is a full-time faculty member and lecturer at IHBM and Jinnah Sindh Medical University. She is highly committed to delivering quality education to her students and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. Her extensive industry experience, combined with her passion for teaching and mentoring, has made her a highly sought-after lecturer in marketing.

  • Mr. Taleegue is an expert in teaching and dedicated to creating an engaging and interactive learning environment for his students. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. With a Master's Degree in Business Administration and years of experience in the business world, he is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that incorporates both theoretical and practical aspects of the field.
  • He uses various teaching methods, including case studies, group projects, and interactive lectures, to cater to different learning styles and help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will be essential in their future careers. Throughout his years of teaching, He has demonstrated a commitment to student success. He takes an individualized approach to education, providing students with personalized feedback and guidance to help them achieve their full potential. His ultimate goal as a lecturer is to prepare students for the challenges of the business world and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen careers.
  • With his extensive experience in the field of business administration and a passion for teaching, Mr. Taleeque ul Karim is a valuable asset to the university department. He is dedicated to creating meaningful learning experiences for his students and helping them achieve their academic and professional goals.