• Is to have healthy people living in healthy communities of Pakistan


  • Be the center of excellence for health promotion, disease prevention, training and research
  • Promote a sustainable and positive change in public health through learning, discovery and communication.
  • Educate the next generation of public health leaders who endeavour to be change agents for health promotion, research and training
  • Support policy makers, practitioners and the government in making evidence based decision through knowledge management
  • Address and sustain the social accountability of JSMU through partnerships with NGOs and the Government.


  • Develop public private partnership models of primary health care
  • Support the government in policy formulation through empirical studies and then provide support for implementation monitoring, and evaluation.
  • Graduate competent public health professionals and provide them with an accredited competency based curriculum
  • Support faculty and staff of JSMU and JPGMC in conducting research and extend the services to other institutions.
  • Establish Public Health Laboratories for provision of services to primary health care providers and student training.
  • Build a competency based contextual curriculum for all public health related fields.