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  • Dr. Humaira Anser
  • B.Pharm(KU), M.Phil(KU),Ph.D (KU), R.PH
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Drugs have existed as long as human disease and intuition to survive have led to their discovery through ages. With the advancement in health sciences, pharmacy profession has also gone through transition stages.

Pharmacy is categorically distinct profession with a innumerable career pathway.Pharmacology is concerned with the study of drugs, used for treatment of animals and humans. It involves the application of drugs to various species and their reactions following such application. Pharmacology looks at the molecular structure of drugs, how the drugs work, safe drug dosages, side effects associated with drugs, the discovery of new drugs, new applications for existing medications, drug treatment protocols, and a variety of related topics.

Being an Incharge of department of Pharmacology, me and my departmental staff are looking forward and are deeply concerned with transfer of knowledge to our students and wishing that our ips, jsmu may prosper and excel in the field of research also (Ameen).