Process of review and defense of Master’s thesis

The process will execute with the following guidelines.

    Start of Process:

    The student following documents to the office of the Advance Studies and Research Board (ASRB) after completion of thesis work.

    1 3 hard Copies of thesis with loose binding (ring binding will be preferred)
    2 Supervisor’s letter
    3 List of eight (8) reviewers/examiners (50% from Outside Karachi) with complete contact information along with their CVs
    4 Payed Fee Voucher of Rs 25000/=
    5 Scientific Committee approval Letter (if applicable)
    6 IRB approval Letter
    7 ASRB approval Letter
    8 Similarity index should be check by TURNITIN Software & report should be attached
    8 Copy of course work transcripts. Contact number of candidate and supervisor and co supervisor
      • – Soft Copy of all documents that listed above should be send on ASRB official address

      The thesis defense will be held in the following format.
      • a) The date and the venue will be announced through the internal mail to all the departments.
      • b) The candidate will present about half an hour presentation in the open session. The audience are not supposed to ask any questions.
      • c) Close examination in front of thesis defense committee.

    • The candidate will submit 6 hard bounded copies to the ASRB office after successful completion of all the requirements. The color the binding should be blue with silver writing.
Re- Examination of failed candidate:
  • A student, who was not able to defend his/her thesis in 1st attempt may be given another chance upon the recommendation of ASRB.
  • No Third chance will be given on the same title.
  • The ASRB reserves the right to reject a thesis without giving the second chance, if the examiners’ comments showed extremely poor performance of the candidate.

Similarity index would be checked again.

Those who have completed the course work may be allowed to do a project of 3 credits as per HEC/PMDC guidelines. On submission and successful defense, they will be awarded MSPH with project and not given the credit for thesis. Furthermore, these graduates would not be able to supervise, review or be an examiner for MS/MPhil thesis.