Hold on to your measuring tapes because we have a trio of towering gentlemen in our communication office! With their heads held high and a combined height that can give tough competition to the Habib Bank Plaza, the three complete the sky-scraping squad that dominates our Office. It's like having a mini basketball team right here in our room, ready to slam dunk any communication challenge that comes their way.

Asfiya Aziz

Additional Director

  • Introducing Asfiya Aziz, the unstoppable force behind the Communication Office! A self-proclaimed over thinker who is also easily hurt, she is a whirlwind of passion, emotions, and a sprinkle of scatterbrain. She treats her work with the persistence of a beleaguered mom and handles her team like they are a group of mischievous circus performers. But don't be scared by her bespectacled exterior and her harried expression, if you see her frowning, she is only concentrating hard or reaching dehydration, depending on the weather.
  • When it comes to professional editing, she brings a wealth of experience from her previous stints at Jang newspapers group, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Aga Khan University, Oxford University Press, and Paramount Books. With her infectious energy and subject expertise in Bioethics, she's the perfect guide through the intricacies of ethical decision-making in the field. And let's not forget her secret superpower: treating deadlines like they are sacred.
  • But there's more to Asfiya than meets the eye! When she's not busy editing material or marshalling her team to perform their magic, you'll find her indulging in her true passions: cooking up a storm in the kitchen, savoring every bite of delicious food, and planning unforgettable events where people come together. And if you want to see her light up, just mention Pakistani music and poetry!

Kashan Majeed

Social Media Coordinator

  • Allow me to introduce Kashan Majeed, the multitasking marvel of Annals of Jinnah Sindh Medical University! As the social media coordinator for Communication Office and editorial assistant for AJSMU, he effortlessly juggles multiple roles with the grace of a seasoned acrobat. But that's not all—Kashan is also a lecturer at IPS, armed with an MS in Mathematics that could make even Einstein proud. With his hardworking and dependable nature, it's no wonder he's on the fast track to becoming the head of any department. Kashan may appear serious and focused, but beneath that exterior lies a shy and respectful soul. Don't be fooled by his lanky frame, though; at 6 feet tall, he's a walking multi-tasking marvel. And here's the cherry on top: all of Kashan's several bosses are women, and they couldn't be happier with him. With his dedication and professionalism, he's earned their respect and trust. So, keep an eye out for this quiet achiever who's mastering the art of balancing equations and impressing all the ladies along the way!

Yasir Shaikh

Graphic Designer

  • Introducing the one and only Yasir shaikh, our graphic design maestro with a side of sweetness! Despite his quiet demeanor, this guy's creativity knows no bounds. Brace yourselves, because Yasir's design output is straight-up mind-boggling—he churns out more designs than the average person consumes cups of tea in a month (that's a lot, trust me). He's the unsung hero behind all those fancy letterheads, logos, and prospectus designs at JSMU institutes.
  • But wait, there's more! Yasir is on a mission to keep the JSMU brand identity intact, ensuring that fonts, colours, and visual elements stay consistent across all documents. Plus, he manages an image bank that's practically a visual treasure trove, making designers from other universities green with envy. And here's the icing on the design cake: Yasir is the go-to guy for editing and stamping official photos, so every staff member looks picture-perfect, even if they've had a particularly bad hair day.
  • Now, the best part about Yasir is that he's a real champ when it comes to understanding themes and objectives. He'll dig deep into the text, pondering over it like a philosopher in a creative crisis and give us the best possible designs. So, buckle up and get ready for a creative journey with Yasir shaikh. With his sweet nature and incredible design skills, he's the secret ingredient that adds a touch of visual awesomeness to JSMU

Kashif Ali Shaikh

Editorial Assistant

  • Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kashif Shaikh, the multi-talented editorial assistant who completes the trio of tall men in our communication office. With his deep connections to Sindhi language media, he serves as our gateway to the world of local news and communication. Kashif excels in managing the office, effortlessly monitoring media coverage and nurturing valuable contacts. He's a pro at generating comprehensive reports that provide key metrics on reach, engagement, and conversions, offering invaluable insights to optimize future media relations activities. Beyond his professional life, Kashif leads a secret double life as a TikToker, donning the persona of a melancholic, yet musically inclined hero. And if that wasn't enough, he also moonlights as a news reader on Pakistan Television, bringing current events to life with his captivating voice. Standing tall as the third towering figure in our communication office, Kashif easily surpasses the 6-feet mark. So, whether he's crunching numbers, breaking into a TikTok lip-synch routine, or delivering the news with his commanding presence, Kashif Shaikh is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with!

Javed Shah

Senior Photographer

  • Meet Javed Shah, our seasoned senior photographer who brings skill, loyalty, and a touch of administrative wizardry to the table. With his camera in hand, he's ready to capture the perfect shot and lend a helping hand with any administrative issues that may arise. Javed has a treasure trove of university photos, having been with us for what feels like forever (in the best possible way, of course!).
  • Not only does Javed excel in his profession, but he also dons the hat of an advisor within the team. When his colleagues face challenges or need guidance, Javed is there with his wisdom and expertise to steer them in the right direction. Working in perfect harmony with the team, he ensures that they capture not just good photographs, but great ones that tell stories and capture the essence of our university.
  • So, if you're in need of a skilled photographer who can double as an administrative superhero, Javed Shah is the one to call.

Zuhair Zaidi


  • Hold on to your camera straps because Zuhair Zaidi, the latest addition to our team, is here to snap some awesome shots! This young and energetic whiz with a camera can command his environment faster than you can say "cheese!" With his professional photography skills, he's brought a modern touch to university events, capturing moments that make even the most serious professors strike a pose.
  • But that's not all—Zuhair possesses a magical touch when it comes to cameras. He's like a camera whisperer, capable of making our dilapidated, 15-year-old camera work like a brand-new machine. With his healing touch, even the crankiest camera parts start clicking happily, as if they just won the photography lottery.
  • Picture this: Zuhair, dashing around the campus, camera in hand, capturing all the memorable moments with the speed of a caffeinated cheetah. His energy is infectious, making even the most camera-shy individuals strike poses they never thought possible. In his free time, he studies more photography and constantly tries to improve his output.
  • So, if you're ready for some photography fun, Zuhair Zaidi is the man with the lens. With his magical touch, he'll capture moments that will have you laughing, crying, and wondering how he manages to make even the most mundane university event look like a blockbuster movie. Get ready to strike a pose and let Zohair work his photography magic!

Mohammad Asghar

Naib Qasid

  • Allow me to introduce M. Asghar, the ultimate reliability champion of our office! When it comes to getting the best prices from vendors, he's practically a wizard. Need posters, panaflex banners, or any printed material? Asghar is your go-to guy. He has an uncanny ability to negotiate competitive prices, ensuring that we get the most bang for our buck. But that's not all—this master of fixing and mounting banners takes visual appeal to a whole new level. With his expert touch, every display is perfectly positioned and visually stunning.
  • As the guardian of office equipment and stored items, Asghar maintains a comprehensive record. He even takes charge of the office premises, tackling upkeep, repairs, and general maintenance with ease. From furniture to fixtures, he's got it covered. And when he is distributing correspondence, Asghar is like a courier on steroids—ensuring prompt and accurate delivery to the right recipients.
  • In the realm of organization, Asghar reigns supreme. He has an impeccable system for photocopying and filing records of correspondence, keeping everything in order and ensuring important documents are readily accessible when needed. With his meticulous attention to detail, you can count on him to find that one crucial memo from six months ago in a matter of seconds.
  • So, if you're in need of reliability and efficiency, M. Asghar is the unsung hero who will get the job done flawlessly. He's the hidden magic that keeps our office running smoothly. Just remember, when Asghar is around, perfection is not just a goal—it's a way of life!

Haseeb Ahmed

Naib Qasid

  • Allow me to introduce Haseeb Ahmed, the silent guardian of our office. While he may prefer to stay in the background, his responsibility shines through whenever he's around. Haseeb takes charge of the upkeep, repair, and general maintenance of our office, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.
  • In addition to his behind-the-scenes role, Haseeb also handles the important task of distributing correspondence. Whether it's ensuring that memos reach the right desks or delivering packages with care, he takes pride in making sure everything is promptly and accurately delivered to the intended recipients.
  • And here's a delightful secret about Haseeb: Whenever he takes a few days off and returns to his village, he brings back with him wonderful treats for all of us to enjoy. His specialty? Carrot halwa that's so delicious, it'll transport you straight to dessert heaven. So, whenever Haseeb is back from his short breaks, be prepared for a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more.