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Sindh Medical College

Bachelor Courses of Doctrate

M.B.B.S (5 years program)

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

The MBBS degree is a five-year program. The first two years (called first professional) mostly cover the pre-clinical studies in basic medical sciences. The courses taught in the pre-clinical years deal with the normal structure and function of the organs of the body.

The program also incorporates community-oriented medicine, biostatistics and preliminary clinical medicine. In the subsequent years of clinical education and training, the students gain a broad systematic knowledge of para-clinical, medical and surgical subjects. The clinical teaching is mainly given in Sindh Medical College.

It prepares the students to learn how the disease process affects the body, and provides them necessary skills to examine, investigate and treat the patients. During the clinical period, the students are also exposed to clinical laboratories and hospital wards where they get an opportunity to become familiar with the most commonly encountered health problems. From time to time, the students are also required to participate in clinicopathological conferences to integrate various aspects of a particular disease.