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Professional Development Centre is one of the unique departments dedicated to Undergraduate as well as postgraduate skills training and increasing the Professional efficiency of faculty. It was established in October 2008 at Sindh Medical College. Over this short span of time it has achieved many milestones comparable to such centers in any other institute. As the director PDC the task from the University’s leadership is to raise the standards of excellence in medical education, as Department of Medical Education works is collaboration with PDC.

The priority, besides, highest quality of academic excellence in our teaching programs, is to enhance professional excellence of faculty by arranging regular workshops supervised by the top quality medical educationist and trained instructors.

At present Department of Medical Education is working in collaboration with Professional Development Centre. This department is responsible for constant reviewing and making positive & necessary changes in curriculum.

Development and conduction of Case based learning and scenario based learning is also one of the responsibilities of Department Medical Education. I am confident that our department with the Guidance of University Leadership and co-operation of my team will progress in the important areas of medical education and meet the challenges of changing curriculum all over the world.