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APPNA Institute of Public Health

Major Degrees

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)

Ph.D in Public Health with concentration in 07 proposed faculties

MPH is a project or research based degree and a candidate graduating from MPH will have to take more courses before continuing towards PhD.

Both programs will be over 2 years (24 Months) and the entire course an all credit hours have to be completed in 4 semesters. In a situation where the candidate drops a semester s/he will have to wait for the next semester to complete the required courses and then s/he can graduate. To continue in the program the candidates have to maintain. a minimum GPA of 3/4

Both the programmes are suitable for District, regional, and national health managers at different levels, it will also serve for Health Managers working with NGOs, INGOS, Training institutions and those managing Health programs and Health projects in developing countries.


Short Courses & Trainings

Vaccum Extraction

Post Partum IUCD insertion

Helping Baby Breath

Post Abortion Care

Diploma in Public Health (DPH)

Certificate Courses at Graduate Level (CPH)

Training programs for Nurses , Mid-wives , LHV and other cadres of health professionals.

Management , Administration & Leadership courses for health & non health care providers.

Gender & Development courses (basic , advance & specially designed courses for Health & Education sector and for adolescents on sexual reproductive health.

Child Abuse

Sexual Harrasment at work place & Anti harrasment laws

Qualitative Research

Curriculum planning & Development

Health Research

Urban Emergencies Management.